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"The playset is wonderful!  My grandchildren love it! …"

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Wood & vinyl playsets from the Pennsylvania Amish country of Lancaster and Chester Counties …

Vinyl Swingset:  KRC Extreme

Choose from simple or complex playsets or design your own …

Wood Swing Set:  Alpine & Towers Combo II

Playset showroom prices always include installation for accessible, level sites; delivery charges depend on your location.

Whether a wood or vinyl playset fits your situation best, our playsets add an attractive children's activity center to your home.  Playsets are designed with your child's imagination, enjoyment, and safety in mind.  Wooden playsets use resurfaced lumber resulting in rounded edges on the wood and vinyl playsets cover the wood with vinyl.  Both wood and vinyl playsets have numerous options to allow you to customize your purchase to fit your needs, budget, and yard.  We invite you to look through our selection of playsets and begin to imagine the possibilities for your home …

How are the slides different from each other?

  • We have three basic slide styles:  single wall wave slides, double wall scoop shaped wave slides, and tunnel slides.  (1) The single wall wave slides are the basic slides that have been used for many years.  All our single wall wave slides are similar to each other.  (2) The double walled scoop shaped wave slides use more plastic (in part because the sliding surface is a separate piece of plastic from the underside of the slide) and consequently are more resistant to accidental damage, e.g. if hit by a riding mower.  The Scoop Wave and Avalanche are two slide manufacturers' versions of the double walled scoop wave slides.  The Wonder Wave has a more shallow scoop and uses less plastic than the first two double-walled slides and is essentially a lighter duty version using the same principle as the scoop wave and avalanche slides.  (3) Tunnel slides use sections bolted together to form a tube, which can be straight or have curves.  The Turbo Tube, Turbo Twister, Tunnel Express, and Sidewinder are tunnel slides.

What is a vinyl clad wood playset?

  • The weight-bearing frame of a vinyl clad wood playset is wood, just as for the wooden playsets.  Unlike wooden playsets, however, the vinyl clad wood playsets use vinyl sleeves over much of the wood.

Why buy a vinyl clad wood playset?

  1. Structural strength – Our vinyl clad playsets use pressure treated southern yellow pine for the structural frame.  Southern yellow pine has superior structural strength and is frequently chosen for building applications when strength is required (e.g., roof trusses).  In addition, the vinyl sleeves have both strength and flexibility, resulting in a sturdy play system frame.
  2. Appearance – Our vinyl clad playsets keep their appearance long term.  UV inhibitors in the vinyl protect it from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, effectively minimizing yellowing and color loss.
  3. Maintenance – Our vinyl clad playsets are close to maintenance free.  No painting or staining is required, with only an occasional cleaning needed to maintain a fresh appearance.
  4. Durability – The pressure treatment applied to the wooden parts of the playset effectively reduces or eliminates decay and insect infestation.  And of course the vinyl parts of the playset are a long term solution for outdoor applications.

Why buy a wooden playset?

  1. Structural strength – Our wooden playsets are built from pressure treated southern yellow pine.  Southern yellow pine has superior structural strength and is frequently chosen for building when structural strength is important.  It is an excellent choice for creating a sturdy, durable playset.
  2. Appearance – The pleasing look of natural wood blends well in many settings.  The wood may be painted or stained if the naturally weathered wood appearance is not the desired end result.
  3. Maintenance – Our wooden playsets are ready for exposure to the weather without additional stain or paint.  However, stains may be used to retard the natural weathering process (outdoor wood stains usually contain UV blockers) or the playset may be painted.
  4. Durability – The pressure treatment applied to the wood before manufacturing the playset (think paint driven into the wood) effectively reduces or eliminates decay and insect infestation.
  5. Renewable American resource – Southern yellow pine is thought to be the most sustainably renewed species of tree in the world.  It grows fast and is farmed much like our food supply.  At the present time 199 million acres of southern yellow pine forest are being replanted in the southeastern United States every year.

What is the difference between a playset (play set) and a swingset (swing set)?

  • Both terms are used to refer to an outdoor play center for children.  The activities normally include swings so the term swingset is appropriate.  Frequently other activities are also a part of the play center, hence the term playset applies as well.  We use the terms interchangeably, though we tend to use the term swingset for parts of the play center that are for swinging and playset for a complete play center.  Other terms are sometimes used to refer to the same thing, such as playscape, play equipment, or play system.

Playing & learning

Childhood "experts" are finally taking play seriously.  One group advocating for more play, the US PLAY Coalition, says the erosion of play in modern American culture leads to "greater incidences of obesity, attention deficit disorder, and limited creativity."

The Alliance for Childhood, another group advocating more play, has published studies showing that kindergarten students in Los Angeles and New York City spent four to six times more minutes in direct instruction on reading and math than in free play.  Many kindergarten classrooms no longer contain blocks, sand and water tables, and props for dramatic play:  "In many kindergarten classrooms there is no playtime at all.  Teachers say the curriculum does not incorporate play, there isn't time for it, and many school administrators do not value it."

The Gesell Institute reports that much of the emphasis on early academics is in vain.  Children aren't any smarter than they were 50 years ago.  Many kindergarten children aren't developmentally able to read or sit still for academic lessons.  Meanwhile they are missing out on the opportunity to develop their imaginations through play.

Even if experts understand the value of play, they might have difficulty convincing some parents of its value.  Children shuttled between lessons and organized sports, and then expected to do hours of homework, don't have much time for free play.  Harried parents may not have the patience for play, which can be loud, messy, and appears unproductive.

The above article has been reprinted with permission of WORLD Magazine.

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